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Hi there! I thought you might like a short dive into the world of slang… What is “slang”, you ask? 😉 Well, it’s a type of “sub-language” which people speaking every language shares… it’s the world of “nonstandard terms or nonstandard usages of standard terms”. That’s what slang is actually made up of… words or … Continue reading

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Ready for some new information and vocabulary? 😉 Now that you have learnt about geometrical shapes in English, let’s continue with this week’s topic… What is a dimension? To answer this question, a mathematician would say that a dimension of an object is given by the “minimum number of coordinates that we need to locate … Continue reading

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Waiting for Christmas: vocabulary list

Below is a list of some essential vocabulary for Christmas. The most obvious, like Christmas tree, reindeer and Santa Claus, have not been included. Can you match the words with their definition? They are of course in scrambled order! 😉 cracker greeting cards that people send at Christmas egg-nog decorating the Christmas tree sleigh a … Continue reading

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Most of you may remember that a simile is a figure of speech in which one thing is compared with another, and that the comparison is usually introduced by the words  as or like.  For example, he is as brave as a lion, or he is as clever as a fox are very common similes … Continue reading

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An onomatopoeia is another figure of speech that refers to a word that sounds like the thing it describes, like “bang” or “click“, or animal noises such as “moo“, “hiss” or “meow“. from http://www.bloodywellwrite.com/2009/02/13/onomatopoeia-zoinks/ Onomatopoeic words exist in every language, but of course they are not the same in each.  Very often onomatopoeias are found … Continue reading