developing study skills

In this page and in its sub-pages you will find lots of different suggestions   on how to develop effective study skills, for example improving your abilities with reading or listening comprehensions, or how to be good at taking notes in class, improving your memory and remember new words more easily, how to write a summary, how to develop an ability in dealing with (and overcome) problems, and much much more. In short, how to be a better language learner. 😉

Before we start, however, I thought it would be interesting for you to discover what  your own personal study style is… what kind of learner are you…




In other words, how do you learn better? With pictures or diagrams, discussions and/or listenings, or touching, moving around and/or making experiments? For although this information might or not be interesting for you, it could  be very useful for your teacher to plan and organize the lessons so that ALL of the students get the most of it (i.e., they LEARN ;-))

There is a very easy test that you can take at this Internet site to learn about your study style:

After you have taken the test, have a look at a detailed description  of the three types of learners and at the different activities that are listed as typical of each learner. Consider each of them and decide if they are true or appropriate for you.

Is there any suggestion that you find particularly interesting?

Would you like to know more about any other? which one in particular?

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