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Top ten of the most difficult games ever

Hello everybody, jhooz here.  Since I haven’t played any new games recently,  for this article I thought that I would bring you something new.

I’m pleased  to present to you my first top ten of the most difficult games ever!  It’s something different for us to look at, and it can also help us discover some new games just in this one article.

So, let’s jump straight in our top ten and see what we have!

10. At number ten we’ve got “Demon’s Souls”. Demon’s souls is an RPG, released in 2009 for PS3. It soon became famous for its difficulty, such as difficult enemies, difficult bosses and every time you die you have to start from  the last checkpoint.  The worst thing is that the checkpoints are really far from checkpoint to checkpoint . It is a very difficult game to finish, but very challenging.

9. At number nine we’ve got “Ninja Gaiden Black”. This game was originally released for ps2. The A.I. of the enemies will make you go crazy. You won’t believe how many times I cried because of them. There are hundreds of levels in this game and as you play the enemies will become more dangerous and clever. Some of them even kill you with just a hit. This is why ninja gaiden black deserves  the 9th position.

8. Up Up, Down Down, left right, left right B, A, Start. Only by using this cheat (that gives you infinite lives)  you will be able to end “Contra”. This game was designed for the Nintendo entertaining system and is considered one of the most difficult games ever. Just a few words!! You will have to pass through an unimaginable number of enemies with just 3 LIVES. Every time you get hit by an enemy you lose a life. Once you lose all of them you have to re-start from the beginning, and believe me you WILL restart many many times…………

7. Super Meat Boy. The plot is very easy. A steak ( I literally mean a piece of meat!) has to save a princess that has been kidnapped by an evil magician. This game is 2D like original platforms. We have to pass through lots of levels full of traps, like rotating blades, laser beams and small but very lethal snails. I never thought that  jumping and dodging would make you want to punch someone in the face.

6. Mega Man! This was developed as a platform game for NES. But “mega man” brought platforming to a new level. Yeah!  Because as if trying to get through very difficult levels wasn’t hard enough, they must have stayed up all night to make this game harder.  Listen to this!!! They continuously add enemies to shoot at WHILE you’re running and jumping.  I’m just speechless.

5. “I wanna be the guy”. Oh boy! The most unpredictable game ever.  While I was surfing the net I found this comment that describes it very well: i wanna be the guy” is the worst non predictable piece of frustration, really, I hate invisible .. THINGS you have to jump on. The mechanism is easy
Well, I totally agree.

4. Souls and ghosts is 4th. This showed me how much developers can be detestable. To unlock the very true “finale” of the game you don’t have to beat it once, but twice… ALL THE WAY  THROUGH. This is even combined with a weird jump mechanics. In fact once you jump you have to do it straight, you can’t move in mid-air  like in most of the other games. So if there’s a pack of enemies underneath you… well,  so be it.

3. Silver Surfer for NES. Silver Surfer, one of the greatest heroes in Marvel’s universe will be the weakest thing you will ever see.  He gets killed by everything, even by touching the damn walls. I swear, I hated this game.

2. Battletoads for NES. This game gave me an irrational fear of surfing.  Almost every level is impossible, but the one in which the main character surfs is terrible.  It took me hours, if not even days, to get through it… well, I didn’t even beat  it actually.  I read on the internet that a “simple way” to beat the level is by playing “coop mod”, but I didn’t have any brother so… not a big deal.

Finally, the Award for  the most difficult game ever made goes to… :

1.  Devil My Cry 3. This game doesn’t know what “normal difficulty” means. I’m not joking. The developers  literally made the normal mode (that was already difficult) into a difficult mode that was almost unbeatable. This resulted in a new version of the game being released.  Really?? MAKING A GAME SO HARD THAT A NEW VERSION HAS TO BE DESIGNED? This makes this game an easy number one for me.

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