And now, some maths!

Hi guys! Nice to see you all again! 🙂

Maths is around us, humans’ incredible ability of finding numbers and laws in everything that happens is incredibly astounding and the sciences that have put  a particular effort into doing this are Maths and Physics.

Their aim is to explain our world and the universe, and even predict what is going to happen or what happened trillions of years ago. These subjects, in any case, are not particularly useful for everyday needs and they are not all that simple, too; for this reasons they are sometimes underestimated as they seem to be very far from our lives. But today we are going to try to solve this “problem” and excite our Maths-repressed spirit! And, for this purpose (as I can’t explain ages of mathematical studies in a single post 😉 ), I’m going to introduce to you a great YouTube channel called “Numberphile”.

The title is self-explanatory, because of course all their videos are about Maths. I said “their” because behind this channel there is a multitude of mathematicians and a guy named “Brady Haran”, who films them. All these people are academic teachers or researchers who come from the United Kingdom or America for the sake of Maths.

The result is a heterogeneous and ample video production on a wide variety of mathematical topics : from statistics to function analysis. Each member of the team is really expert in his subject and they all have a fantastic ability of reporting their advanced and complex studies and knowledge in simple words, simplifying all the proofs needed to understand a concept. And they also listen to their audience opinion, who introduce their own rebuttals or contrasts in the comments, publishing a more complete and explanatory video on those occasions (which, anyway, are really rare).

The team opened this channel in 2011 and, since then, their specialty has been to let everyone learn about and understand many mathematical questions and curiosities, giving everyone the courage to continue studying Maths, which after all it is not so boring as it looks like. So why don’t you have a look at it? 😉

Here is one of their latest videos… enjoy!!!

I’ll be talking about them again soon, so stay tuned 😉

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