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The best way to remember

Hi guys,

It’s such a sad day today because one of my idols has died.

His name is Alan Rickman, but he is also known as Severus Snape, know in Italy as Severus “Piton”.

He’s been one of the weirdest and most interesting contemporary actors, because he has always performed very strange characters in many films.

Although we remember him as “Piton”, a strict teacher of the Hogwards School of Magic in the Harry Potter saga, people who have known him have defined him “a very cheerful and helpful person, outgoing and polite with everyone”.

What’s more, he performed in an amazing film, Nobel Son, as lead actor, and in this film his character in my opinion is interpreted in a stunning way.

I am very sorry for  his death, caused by a terminal cancer, but I am sure that he will continue to be an important person in my life and that he will never die.

I want to remember him with this scene from one of his most successful films: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2’


Bye Alan, now go and teach the angels how to be the most simple and wired person of the world, being only yourself.

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