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Top 5 animated cartoons of my childhood

Hi guys,

Recently I have watched some tv programmes that I used to watch when I was a child, and today I am gonna talk about my 5 favourite animated cartoons. When I was a child, I liked watching cartoons very much and I never missed an episode. These tv programmes in fact are broadcast in episodes and each one lasts about 20 minutes.

5: FAMILY GUY: This is a famous American cartoon based on a typical family that presents everybody’s common flaws. In Italy they are famous with the name of “Griffin”. This family is composed of

  • Peter, a strange and unusual father with a moody behavior
  • Lois, a beautiful woman who is a housewife
  • Meg, the elder sister who has many teen-problems, for example the first love crushes
  • Chris is an obese and incompetent boy who wants to emulate the strange actions of his father
  • and Stevie, an intelligent child who wants to be free from his mum to conquer the world

There is also Brian, a dog with human characteristics who is Stevie’s best friend, but he has many alcoholic problems . This strange family bumps into very unusual and, at the same time, familiar situations and the result of that is an amusing and very funny cartoon.

4: LUPIN III: It’s a very famous cartoon inspired by the character of a gentleman thief, Lupin. He always has  to escape from a police inspector, Zenigata. He is helped by a group of friends: Jigen, who wears a black dress and always brings with him a pistol and a cigarette; Goemon, a samurai who wears a tunic and has a sword. Fujiko and Zenigata are the most interesting characters because Lupin loves the first and runs away from the second. It’s very funny to watch howLupin manages to escape from Zenigata, pulling his legs.

3: FUTURAMA: Fry, Leela and Bender are the protagonists of this cartoon. Fry is a human who came from the past, Leela is a beautiful alien and Bender is a funny robot. They work as spacial messengers and in each episode they meet unusual animals and people from all parts of the galaxy. The cartoon is very funny because of the characteristics of Fry and Bender. In fact the are very stupid and are easily influenced by others. They always change their mind in strange and complicated situations.

2: THE SIMPSONS: it is probably the most famous cartoon in America and all over the world. Homer, Marge are two common and likeable parents with three children and they represent the common American family with its vices and virtues. The three children are Lisa, Bart and Maggie. Lisa is a very intelligent girl, instead Bart is very lazy and they reflect they characteristics of their parents. Maggie is an unusual child who, in some episodes may kill people, but in others she’s very loving and affectionate. They live in Springfield and the citizens of this town personify comic and common stereotypes (the idle policeman, the corrupt mayor, the thieving barman and so on). This is one of the most famous cartoons and when I was a child I enjoyed watching this animated cartoon an awful lot.




1: DRAGON BALL: In my opinion Dragon Ball is the best cartoon saga ever: it tells the story of Goku, a Sayian who is accidentally on the Earth and, with his supernatural power, saves  the Earth’s citizens many times. His enemies are a lot, for example Dr. Gelo, Freezer, Cell, Majin Bu, Vegeta, Junior, but some of these in a particular part of the story decide to ally with Goku and fight with him against the evil. This is a saga formed by the series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragonball GT, and there are also many cartoon films about Goku and his adventures. He is my idol because with him I have learnt that good always triumphs over evil.

So guys, what about your opinion and the cartoons of your childhood? 😉

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