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Top 5 things to do this summer

Hi guys,

It’s June 8th, school is almost over and we have to plan how we can spend this summer! 😉

Personally, in this period, I always prepare a list of things that I want to do during the summer, and I want to share it with you: if you follow my example you will certainly enjoy yourself a lot in the next three months.

Probably I won’t fulfill all of my intentions, so I’m gonna create a “top 5 list” in order to decide which the most important plan is. In this way I may also suggest you five things to do if you have no  ideas for this summer in mind.

5: ORGANIZING A DINNER WITH MY FRIENDS: periodically I plan a dinner with a small group of friends and  we decide the “theme of the dinner”so that each one of us brings something pertinent to the topic and we can eat a lot. 😉 My project for this summer is a “meat-dinner” or a “fish-dinner”, and I hope we can do it.

4: WATCHING BREAKING BAD’S SECOND SEASON: last summer I watched the first season of this TV-series and I loved it. So, in the next months, I want to watch the second series and, if possible, also the third, but without exaggerating. 😉 Walter White is one of my favourite characters of the series and I hope to find some time to learn what happens to him.

3: LIVING A WEEK ALONE: This is one of my dreams each summer, because I want to live a week on my own, without my parents. I think that it is possible because I am very independent, but it’s very difficult to convince your parents to accept such an idea. I think that experiencing independent life is very useful because you learn to cook, clean, iron and make your bed. I hope it will be a way to grow up and became more and more independent.

2: VISITING THE “STONES OF MATERA”: I have never seen the stones of Matera and I want to visit them because in pictures they look very interesting and fascinating. Moreover, Matera will become the “capital of culture” in  2019,  and  I am very interested in visiting this city.

1: VISITING THE EXPO IN MILAN: the EXPO is probably the most important event in Italy this year, and I want to visit it because this is something that happens once in your life and I don’t want to miss this chance. EXPO is open from May to October and there is plenty of time to organize a trip in order to visit it.

These are my plans for this summer. And what about yours? What are you going to do?

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